Elizabeth Anderson

École Supérieure des Arts

Elizabeth Anderson’s artistic production comprises acousmatic, mixed, and radiophonic works as well as works for multimedia and sound installations. Her music has won international awards and has been performed in international venues for over twenty-five years. It is the fascination with space and the expression of this realm through sound that is among her primary motivations for choosing to compose with electroacoustic techniques. Elizabeth Anderson developed a complete curriculum for electroacoustic composition at the Académie de Soignies (Academy of Soignies, Belgium) from 1994 to 2002. In 2003, she joined the department of electroacoustic composition at the Conservatoire royal de Mons. She completed several university degrees in music in the United States before travelling to Belgium where she studied composition with Jacqueline Fontyn, electronic music with Joris De Laet and electroacoustic composition with Annette Vande Gorne. She earned a doctorate in electroacoustic composition with Denis Smalley at City University London (England, UK) in 2011. Underlying her creative and pedagogical approach is her research on the perception of electroacoustic music from a poietic and esthesic perspective, to which end she conceived models to explore the meaning of electroacoustic music as constructed by the composer and the listener. She has published several articles about her research.